True Terror Volume #1 Launch! December 13, 2019 - MitchSmithMedia's first comic series, True Terror, has just been published internationally through Zone Komics! You can find the first Volume of this thrilling buddy-cop action series at And be sure to come back here and check out our exclusive merchandise for the series! Read More
Berlin International Film Festival June 21, 2019 - The MSM Team went international! In order to take our company and our projects to the next level, we traveled all the way to Berlin, Germany with some of our fantastic filmmakers in order to raise our profile and get the word out about MSM and all of our amazing features! Check out some of… Read More
Interview with Jenna Kanell [Actress, Writer, Director.] March 1, 2019 - Once we came back from our journey in Berlin for the Berlinale 2019, we had the pleasure to interview actress, writer & director Jenna Kanell. She's written and directed short films, commercials, and call to action videos. She's a union actor (in films such as "The Front Runner", "Terrifier", & "The Bye Bye Man") .… Read More
Interview with Tash Ann [ Director of 24/7 & Winner of the Best Female Filmmaker Award at the LA Independent Film Festival ] February 7, 2019 - Recently we sat with the director of our movie project 24/7¬†and the winner of the Best Female Filmmaker Award at the LA Independent Film Festival¬†(2017), Tash Ann , for an interview about her beginnings, her future projects, and most importantly what is she up to right now! Describe for us the beginning of your career.… Read More
True Terror is LIVE on Kickstarter November 13, 2018 - It's official ! We are NOW LIVE on Kickstarter with our first comic book, "True Terror"! We're bringing to you two mismatched female detectives reluctantly teaming up in order to prevent the next attack before a terrorist organization can strike another, devastating blow to the country! But before we do, we would REALLY appreciate you… Read More
We just returned from AFM (American Film Market) November 12, 2018 - American Film Market 2018 was such an amazing experience! We met so many great people, discussed many of our upcoming projects & most importantly, inspired ourselves for future Mitch Smith Media material! See you next year & stay tuned for our upcoming movies & comics!   Read More
“Boy’s Club” Trailer Is Out! October 29, 2018 - We got candy for all of you trick-or-treating kids out there! Just in time for Halloween & just in time for our "American Film Market" appearance in LA, Santa Monica! "Boy's Club" Teaser is FINALLY here!!!!! Enjoy !!!! Read More
A fundamental principle that MitchSmithMedia was founded upon is to encourage and empower those with a desire to explore the world of film, television and comic book production to explore and expand their love of storytelling and creating art by offering them real, hands-on experience working in the field.

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